Retripped: Addis Posse’s Acid Breakbeat Classic Let The Warriors Dance

Acid flashbacks from 1989 on the seminal squelchy breakbeat classic "Let The Warriors Dance."

The time has never been better or an audience more receptive to a reissue of this 1989 rave classic. Addis Posse’s “Let The Warriors Dance” came around at a time when the electronic music scene was still wide open, besieged by major label stooges trying to figure out how to make a bunch of kids tweaking knobs and hammering already obsolete drum machines into rock stars, but it was records like these — innovative, ubiquitous but almost anonymous — that powered the movement into the 1990s. Acid was everywhere, but breakbeats were almost a novelty at the time. Acid and breakbeats together were unknown. It might have even been this very record that DJ Garth or one of the other Brits that began relocating to the US in 1990 brought with them to pollinate this sound across the Atlantic. It soon colonized and for a year or two absolutely dominated forward-thinking electronic music in the US, particularly the Bay Area and Florida.

History matters, but this would just be another historical curio — and there are a few records like that in electronic music history, like “On & On,” that are better spoken about than played no matter who or how many times you remix it — except that this one still sets a room on fire. Total abandon and mindless euphoria is the logical result of playing the Pirate Acid Mix in the right setting; also included is a previously unreleased “Unreleased DAT Mix.”

Addis Posse: Let The Warriors Dance Retrip / Warriors Dance (January 2020/12″ Vinyl)
A1. Addis Posse: “Let The Warriors Dance” (5:09)
A2. Addis Posse: “Let The Warriors Dance” (Pirate Acid mix) (5:48)
B1. Addis Posse: “Let The Warriors Dance” (Warrior Workout mix) (5:48)
B2. Addis Posse: “Let The Warriors Dance” (unreleased DAT version) (5:48)



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