Adesse Versions: Pulp Fusion

Adesse Versions' latest release is a hunk of low-key genius.

The first time I heard an artist namedrop Adesse Versions he talked about him like Adesse was already a star. And from those first white label “versions,” he became one of the most enduring fixtures in the edit scene and there’s not a damn thing he touches that I don’t immediately chuck in the shopping cart or the bit bucket. “Fade Out” is a hunk of low-key genius: smooth and silky, rolling through the rink in a blur of glistening percussion and soul with strings. Delusions of Grandeur picked it up for Pulp Fusion, a new EP that came out in late January but was already being blasted out by everyone able to lay their hands on a promo. The title track has a gnarly bite to it and a rise that would give mom and dad in their Northern Soul members’ clubs a heart attack.

Adesse Versions: Pulp Fusion (Delusions of Grandeur)
A1. Adesse Versions: “Pulp Fusion” (5:40)
A2. Adesse Versions: “Fade Out” (5:48)
B1. Adesse Versions: “Raw” (live edit) (6:58)


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