Adesse Versions: Run Hot on Edits from the Tribe

Buy three copies to replace the one you're gonna wear down.

Two edits on vinyl, two tracks on black wax and I’m predicting a run on the record store. Adesse Versions’ installment in the Edits from the Tribe series has an A side that reverberates across the room and makes everyone within a one kilometer radius ask in time what the hell is playing and a B side that’s even more of a jam.

On the top: “Jagger” is a rhythmic wonderland, a percussion freak’s wet dream. While not a DJ tool, it could be used as such, though it’s gonna be the funkiest, most thumping DJ tool in your arsenal. Most tracks start with the drums and are built around the drums. This is all drums, an entire architecture of drums, a beat that starts out like a funky marching band and ends in a session with kids slapping on plastic buckets and a homemade bass.

On the flip: “Run Hot” is gonna get the play. Electrifying, jazzy down to the marrow, Adesse takes an (at this point well-worn) sample and spreads it out like an ounce of gold hammered down to cover an entire dancefloor. I don’t know if this is going to be huge – if there’s justice in dance music it would be – but you’re gonna hear it quite a lot in at least the best sets from the best DJs around. Buy three copies to replace the one you’re gonna wear down.

Adesse Versions: Run Hot (Edits from the Tribe)
A1. Adesse Versions: “Jagger” (5:40)
B1. Adesse Versions: “Run Hot” (6:05)



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