Adrian (UK): Broke Beats EP

Barcelona resident Adrian (UK) has come correct by turning what would otherwise be a chill out record into something interesting and very danceable. He’s infused Deep House grooves with Hip Hop sensibilities (drums primarily), but the thing that makes the Broke Beats EP the most appealing is the attention he’s given to the low end frequencies. You will absolutely feel this record on a good sound system.

Is it House or is it Trip Hop? This is the question I ask myself while playing the (almost) title track, “Brokebeat.” You could slip this into any Portishead or Massive Attack playlist and it would feel right at home. It bounces. It flows. It’s great!

For the same reasons I thoroughly enjoyed “Read My Lips.” Well-constructed breakdowns deliver every time whether it’s the kick drum coming in on 2 instead of 1, claps being added into the mix or a Biggie-esque sample of “check. Ugh.” “In My Mind” is the Housiest of all the originals – still deep and still captivating. The remix from Niclas with Attitude takes it down the rabbithole into a full on trippy territory.

It’s not every day a record as deep as this one gets me pumped up. A true testament to this up and comer’s abilities which should put him on your “ones to watch” list. You can find it on Beatport exclusively for two weeks starting April 18.


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