One of things I love about being a DJ is the constant evolution of my sound. It’s not something I consciously look to do as part of some strategy because I’ll always be true to myself. However, depending on where I’m at in life or how I’m feeling, the tracks that I’ll find appealing can change with the seasons. The great thing about being a writer is I get a full spectrum of sounds to peruse, leading me to things I might never find or buy myself. The downside is I may pass on a great record because it just came to me on the wrong day and I wasn’t in the right headspace to truly hear it.

Sincopat is a label that has helped me harness a darker energy, while still maintaining the funkiness that is at the core of my being. I have no idea how I’m supposed to pronounce AFFKT’s name in conversation but his work here speaks volumes. I listen to the opening track “We Are Safe” and the first thought that comes to mind is how most producers could completely muck this track up. It has a very cinematic, epic feel but it’s not over the top. It has a vintage sci-fi sound, but it’s not so hipster it hurts.

“Therapy” maintains the funk alongside its chuggy techno base. It also carries self help tidbits for the listeners on another plain of consciousness. The Satori remix really does take the track out of this world. He strips the funk out but provides all the proper aesthetics to give you something much more ethereal. You can’t argue with the talent on display here.

This is release #21 for the label and they’ll be issuing 300 copies on vinyl for this as well as the next 9. To help make them even more collectable they’ve tapped illustrator Philip Cassirer to do the awesome cover art. Each square will be a piece in a mosaic so the hardcore collectors will get the “big picture”.