Although no one could really accuse Afterlife of knocking out party bangers, this sophisticated four-track collection of warm-up/warm down vibes could also function perfectly as dance floor fillers — as ever with house music and DJing, it’s all about context. In the midst of a dub disco or mid-tempo Balearic set, “Way Out West” or the title track “Rising Up” could work wonders.

The sound palette here is restrained pads, gently undulating synth work, a few chimes and languid 4/4 beats, but what sets Afterlife’s self-consciously “Ibiza Sunset” sounds apart from your average Cafe Del Blah “chill house” release is that they have enough low end and dance floor sensibility to qualify as strong DJ records.

“Medicine Man” takes things in a more new age/house hybrid direction while “Casual Bungalow” is a classic “Track 4” oddity, all wood blocks and chiming, charming European synths. The noble art of the DJ warm-up is all about tracks like these: well made, deep, detailed, warm, involving, just perfect to set the scene pre-headliner. Ideal for sunrise sets, pre-banger warm-ups and deep mid-tempo moments.

Afterlife: Rising Up EP (Subatomic / Digital / February 2022)
1. Afterlife: Rising Up (5:26)
2. Afterlife: Casual Bungalow (4:57)
3. Afterlife: Medicine Man (5:37)
4. Afterlife: Way Out West (5:08)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was submitted as a promo.


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