Aimes: Pleasure Cruise/Acid Dreaming

7 inch record of lo-fi grooves from Star Creature and Aimes.

When I was younger I used to walk around strange neighborhoods and imagine that everyone behind the shuttered windows was busy writing symphonies or novels or planning great literary or intellectual movements that would shake the foundations of the earth. In reality, they were mostly watching TV. But the fact that Star Creature exists makes me still want to believe. Pleasure Cruise/Acid Dreaming, their latest 7″, must have been dreamed up in some corner of the city where all the people way too cool for me to know hang out and plan great things.

“Pleasure Cruise” is a lo-fi send up of the After Disco era, enlivened by Technicolor chords that sound like they were ripped out of a midi file from a Geocities page and a throaty vocal. The hook is deceptively addicting – all of the rippling synths and robotically cheerful FX popping like rice krispies in the background don’t distract from a vocal that’s the song’s strongest point. “Acid Dreaming” is hideously wonderful – an exquisitely preserved sample of space disco from an era of exposed chest hair, strawberry rolling papers and crazy Italian engineers armed with synthesizers, vocoders and soldering irons.

This is available as a standalone 7″, or shipped with two other Star Creature 45s (Birdbone Unlimited’s Heart Attack/Don’t Stop and Shiro Schwarz’s I Don’t Know Why/Move Your Body) in a “bundle” from bandcamp.


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