How lucky are we to have Lumberjacks In Hell? Marcel Vogel’s Amsterdam-based label has an extraordinary reach, slipping some coins in the pocket of talented producers from around the globe (including quite a lot from Chicago) and punching WAY above its weight in sifting through the garbage bins to find stone cold classics. It’s hard to believe – but inspiring to believe – that this is the organizational product of essentially one guy.

That fluff job is to lead up to Midnight Riot’s Alan Dixon’s blast of salvation on his remix of Frank Booker’s “Rise and Shine.” The project brings together people from multiple continents and it’s going to be one of the biggest tracks of this summer and probably the year. Here’s a track where chords lift the dancefloor up up up without resorting to the ironic appreciation of cheesy rave records that has been in vogue among European producers for about 5 minutes and will last as a trend for about 5 minutes more. Dixon applies a similar template to the deeper but rousing “Whatcha Gonna Do” featuring Maleke O’Ney on the flip, which gets outfitted by the world’s greatest funk band in Marcel Vogel’s dubby remix.

Alan Dixon ft. Frank Booker: Rise & Shine / Lumberjacks In Hell
A1. Alan Dixon: “Rise & Shine” (feat Frank Hooker)
B1. Alan Dixon: “Whatcha Gonna Do” (feat Maleke O’Ney)
B2. Alan Dixon: “Whatcha Gonna Do” (Marcel Vogel remix)



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