After his Perspectives LP showed a soulful side of Alex Agore, his sound has blown up the label that released most of his material for the last two years and finds a new home. Moment of Truth is a brother label to Closer To Truth and leads off with Give Me What U Got, a superb EP in which Alex continues his exploration of a vibe in tune with a new and developing consciousness. “Give Me What U Got” is built around a vocal sample that rings out clear and true and provides a steady melody for a slow but relentless groove. “GYL” (“Give Me Your Love” one would guess) and “Save Me” bring to mind Blaze and most of all their remix and production work with some notable vocalists. Good fucking house music.

Alex Agore: Give Me What U Got (Moment of Truth)
1. Alex Agore: Give Me What U Got (Original Mix) (7:46)
2. Alex Agore: GYL (Original Mix) (6:04)
3. Alex Agore: Save Me (Original Mix) (6:14)


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