When is it ever enough? Alex Agore has armed more DJs with more dope wax in the last few years than anyone. Show me the record collection of anyone making folding money as a DJ and you’ll probably find several Agore releases in their stacks.

“Keep It Coming” is a Record Store Day special (though available for pre-order here and here from Melodymathics) and keeps fine company the best from Alex Agore’s back catalog. List the primary elements and it reads like any other: uplifting chords, pyrotechnic vocals and a vibe that can be triangulated to a scene historically located somewhere between New York, New Jersey and Baltimore. The genius is in the rough assembly, how it’s put together – not that the drums drop out but when; not that the vocal sinks deep into the mix but how it rises back to the top… This shit is an artform, is what I’m saying, and if you think it’s easy there are 200 failures that drop a day on Beatport that say it’s not.

There are three remixes and I like them all – Melodymann makes the vocals soar; Raffa brings this into a strange world of dubs and sand creatures and holy shit is that Raoul Belmans?!


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