Released by Superb Entertainment a decade ago, “When The Morning Comes” is a vital house record, featuring a collaboration between Alton Miller, Amp Fiddler and a young Kyle Hall on the remix and drum programming. Ricardo Miranda reissued the record two years ago on Noble Square; Adeen now comes up with a bag of new remixes from Nico Lahs, KETAMA and “Rydm Sectors,” a collaboration of Lahs and Michele Lamacchia aka Cosmic Rhythm.

What do you do with a soulful house classic like this? Lahs and Lamacchia give it some air with the skipping Rhydm Sectors remix that emphasizes the vocal over a spring-loaded jack and fat bassline. Lahs’ solo remix drenches this in soul, with the sound of a ’70s jam session that left the tape going and captured some session magic.

The B-side is dedicated to “Ever Wonder,” originally the lead track from Alton Miller’s Light Years Away album from 2010. Getting Alton Miller and Abacus on the same track is the kind of thing that makes a record store nerd hyperventilate and adding Nico Lahs to the remix may knock them out cold. This is such a sparkling, authentic and true remix of a beautiful track.

Alton Miller featuring Amp Fiddler: When The Morning Comes (Remixes) (Adeen Records / 12″ Vinyl / August 2021)
A1. Alton Miller Featuring Amp Fiddler – “When The Morning Comes” (Rydm Sectors remix)
A2. Alton Miller Featuring Amp Fiddler – “When The Morning Comes” (Nico Lahs remix)
B1. Alton Miller – “Ever Wonder” (Nico Lahs remix)
B2. Alton Miller – “Ever Wonder” (KETAMA remix)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was submitted as a promo by Drone Time.



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