How does it even occur to Ricardo Miranda to do this? It’s one thing to uncover new talent making great tracks. He does that. It’s another to team them up with industry veterans and sometimes legends who have an impeccable record for quality over hype. He ticks that box too.

But how does it occur to him to grab this record from nearly a decade ago and give it new life? It’s amazing A&R and Miranda does yeoman’s work plowing through an era that requires an exceptionally fine filter to navigate. Superb Entertainment was ahead of the curve on a lot of artists in the mid- to late-’00s – almost every record was fantastic and a jaw-dropping line-up of producers left their mark here, from Terrence Parker to Aaron-Carl, Osunlade and Glenn Underground. “When The Morning Comes” showcased the drum programming and remix chops of a young Detroit producer named Kyle Hall as the third component of this essential Alton Miller & Amp Fiddler deep house masterpiece.

This is one of those records that Defected licensed and rebranded; Miranda cancels that noise for the original release. The instrumental mix is so vibrant, so bright it invokes synesthesia. Kyle Hall and Amp Fiddler’s mix has the vibe of an ambling, aimless high-as-fuck Sunday afternoon studio session. At a time when productions were becoming impeccably clean, this feels human, fuzzy with a clap that sounds like a live mic picking up the sound of two hands clapping. Clearly a track ahead of its time.

Alton Miller featuring Amp Fiddler: When the Morning Comes / Noble Square Recordings / Release Date: October 2019 / 12″ vinyl
A1. Alton Miller featuring Amp Fiddler: “When The Morning Comes”
A2. Alton Miller featuring Amp Fiddler: “When The Morning Comes” (instrumental)
B1. Alton Miller featuring Amp Fiddler: “When The Morning Comes” (Kyle Hall & Amp Fiddler remix)



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