Classy tracks from Alton Miller, who is hitting some kind of career renaissance/inflection point with the number of incredible records he’s been dropping lately. Adeen released “More Positive Things” on vinyl 9 months ago and if you didn’t get hooked up by then, this will get you sorted. Great records have followed on Division 81 (Afro Patterns) and Local Talk (Infinite Experience). When you add in Way of the Drum, Peace & Love on Neroli and All The Little Things from Patrice Scott’s Sistrum from last summer, you’ve got a guy who has been on a streak that won’t stop. At this point, buying every new record with Alton Miller’s name on it is not just a hedge but a smart move, because the odds are it will be the best deep house record added to the rack that day.

The Playground released records from Rick Wade and others when they were still based in Denver. Now in Chicago, they’ve caught Alton at his peak. “Speaking of Future” is magic: a looping delirium from a producer who gets under your skin and into your head. Dancers love these sorts of tracks. “All The Time” adds some smooth funk to the mix which gets turned way the fuck up on “Who Am I (Speechless Version),” with shades of George Benson. I don’t know how long this lasts but right now you’re hearing a veteran deep house producer that found his golden touch.

Alton Miller: Down For The Dance Love For The Beat / The Playground0
A1. Alton Miller: “Speaking Of Future” (7:26)
B1. Alton Miller: “All The Time” (6:16)
B2. Alton Miller: “Who Am I” (Speechless version) (6:48)


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