I’ll tell you what: No matter how many sub-genres there are of House Music, you can always tell when a particular song or sound comes straight from the source. It’s like making a single photocopy of a painting: the first generation copy is damn close to the original. However, try making a copy of the “copy”, and a copy of that copy, and so on. It’s a completely different work now. Such has been the case with House music over the last two decades, in my opinion.

Enter Alton Miller. Alton is not only a first generation product of the original midwest House sound, but one of the architects as well. And like the finest bottle of wine straight from the cellar, Alton’s sound is ageless! You’ll hear vintage ’90s Chicago flavors in “Ever Wonder”, “Inner 5 Next Phase”, “Together”, and “Give It Up”. Then Alton adds in a little Detroit flavor in “Beautiful” and “Late Night Fantasy”. More on par with today’s deep soulful vocal grooves are “Twilight Moments” feat. Lotus, and “I Can Feel You All Around” feat. Angel A – the latter would flatter the likes of Black Coffee and Bucie.

Not limited to dance floor creations, Alton unveils his neo-urban side in “Come On Over”, and in the title track “Light Years Away” featuring Amp Fiddler. There’s even a cover of the 1980 Herbie Hancock classic “Stars In Your Eyes” feat. Stephane Vera and Angelique. Fourteen tracks in all, this is a solid, timeless piece of art from the world-renowned Alton Miller. A soothing antidote for those of us going thru “real House music withdrawal”!