Vanguard Sound has been going since 2006; I believe we reviewed a one of or two of the early records from Amir Alexander’s home base but none lately since he’s been “discovered” abroad. There’s something tying together the four tracks here aside from their cosmic titles – I think it’s just how chaotic and jarring they are. It’s difficult to believe that the man who wrote a Deep House lullaby like the title track is the same that delivers the hard acid of “Black Snow Wolf”.

The title track is the best thing Amir has ever done. The smooth riff seesawing back and forth, slightly muffled and balanced precariously over the jacking drums with high hats almost muted – it’s not complicated but it’s a wonderfully unique sound. “Black Snow Wolf”, as mentioned, gives you acid like you want it, with a riff that sounds almost like the droning pulse of the villains of Space Invaders or some other 8bit artifact. There’s also what sounds like a synthesized (or at least stylized) steel drum.

The flip features the congas under synths of “Star Tigress”, with a lead that sounds plucked out and on the verge of collapse – very dramatic, like Moroder meets MAW.