If you’re into sun-kissed broken beat-soul or future-soulful house then title track “Holy Sun” and the Retromigration remix respectively are for you. They’re both tracks that I objectively recognize as good but aren’t quite to my taste so we’ll just leave that there and move on to the rest of the EP.

“Lifted” is definitely my pick of the bunch, it’s got it all: perfectly engineered break downs, percussive beats that just grind, a bassline with funk, some weird FX shit in the background; everything you need in a track. The bassline is my favorite part. It starts out all restrained and tucked down low in the mix but after the second breakdown they, I don’t know, open the filter, change the envelope, reverse the polarity or do some shit on it and suddenly it’s right upfront in the mix and absolutely rocking. I really like how it does that and I strongly suspect your dancers will too.

Track 4 “Inwards” does some nice stuff percussively too, but in a quite different way with tin pot drum splashes littering the track in between the kind of wood block riff that you’ll find yourself doing shit finger-pointing dancing to if you’re not careful. It’s all a bit abstract and directionless — in a very good way — before a breakdown which introduces some heavy duty MDMA strings and chords. Makèz do well here, and resist the urge to turn it into some ponderous, epic and overblown thing, instead keeping it classy and restrained, just dropping the chords into the mix and then moving on.

Final track “La Grande Folie” is bonkers. Quality gear from Heist.

Makèz: Holy Sun EP (Heist / Digital / July 2022)
1. Makèz: Holy Sun (04:23)
2. Makèz: Holy Sun (Retromigration Remix) (05:56)
3. Makèz: Lifted (06:56)
4. Makèz: Inwards (06:22)
5. Makèz: La Grande Folie (03:40)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was submitted as a promo.



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