Hallelujah – it’s a release that is based around actual melodies rather than sampling! Andre Bonsor is no stranger to the world of House Music, being a member of Schmoov! and also having worked with acts like Lovebirds and Vincenzo. Dare I say if you’re a fan of Atjazz you will seriously dig this? I dare say that indeed.

The chord progressions on “Cycadian Rhythms” keep the excitement level up the whole time for me. You really can’t help but sway back and forth to the spacey yet funky bassline. This song is so lush and beautiful but it’s still very danceable. “Silent Forest” takes me back to the good ol’ days of just straight up Deep House. There’s definitely that deep tech modern element here but that’s just an influence, not the core. It is however at the core of “La Caldera” with its punchy key stabs (and I swear he used a snippet of The X Files theme song in here!) Unfortunately for me the keys start to lose steam as the track moves on.

I’m sure more talented wordsmiths than I could describe these records better but hey, just listen and let the music do the talking. It’s a refreshing listen in sea of releases that are just copy/pasting old records and slapping a House beat under them.