Although DJ Andre Harris is a long time friend, I am still able to offer an unbiased opinion about his work. The fact is, he has already become a “go-to” name for quality soulful music! From DJs to fellow producers to music fans worldwide, you KNOW you’re in for a treat when you see his name. “Unbreak Your Heart” is a story told about a man’s attempt to apologize to his mate for actions that lead to heartbreak, with vocals handled by Andrew Pascale. Mr. Harris also “asks for forgiveness” near the end, lending his own vocals to the track as well. Deepness in the likes of Blaze, Osunlade, and Ron Trent can be found in the original mix and dubstrumental, whereas the “From The Back” vocal mix should do well on the radio channels and mainstream clubs worldwide. Another #winning release from Andre Harris!


Available: In promo release prior to July 15, 2011 at Traxsource.