Anyone that needs evidence that Andre Harris is a rising force in House Music – not just in Chicago but worldwide – need look no further than this mega-funky disco track. The composition here is gorgeous – slap bass, a wild guitar strum maxed out and a warm and clean rhythm track. The hook is what makes the song: “When I see you, I just can’t explain/what it is I feel inside/but I know what it is it feels so right” – this is straight up worthy of Philly International, Nile Rogers, and some of the giants of old school funk. If this isn’t already a classic among the ‘heads, it will be soon. It isn’t really the rhythm that guides this one, but the guitar (which goes off into an absolutely amazing solo – yeah, a guitar solo in a House song, and man does it work!) hand-in-hand with the vocal hook. I would kill for any of these elements in one song, but one song with all of them makes this a “must buy” for me. Collect cans, eat nothing but top ramen, cut back on your text messaging, but get it.