In 2014 Andrés remixed “Free” by Cool Peepl featuring Billy Love, Amp Fiddler and Sundiata O.M. That remix was right at the top of Andrés’ best records, and I say that knowing just how good that list of records is.

That was not Andrés‘ first appearance on Moods & Grooves. Twenty years ago (really?!) he released the slinky, soulful Out In The Open EP, and more recently dropped a remix for Jason Hogans’ Work The Terminals. Andrés’ newest release is an obvious reference to that first number. Back In The Open dropped on vinyl & digital in November on Mike Grant’s label of Detroit stalwarts, Moods & Grooves.

“Tonight We Rise” leads off an outstanding selection of tracks with the best on the EP — the kind of hypnotic, nodding deep house that Andrés is justifiably famous for. “Tonight We Rise” baits you in with a lively bassline and then smothers you in warmth, with just a pair of fragmentary vocal samples juxtaposed together making for an irresistible melody. Every one of the songs on here is like that classic track you heard once on the radio and chased for the rest of your life.

Andrés: Back In The Open (Moods & Grooves / 12″ Vinyl + Digital)
A1. Andrés: “Tonight We Rise” (6:28)
A2. Andrés: “Lisbon Love” (5:30)
B1. Andrés: “Welcoming Committee” (8:31)
B2. Andrés: “Revolution” (4:30)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was submitted as a promo by the label.


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