Andy Clockwork put together a pretty impressive 5-track EP, with three of ’em grabbing my attention, the fourth one I’m not sure about, and the fifth track – let’s just say that I don’t smoke! All in all, this Clockwork EP measures up. Kudos to the eclectic cover art, too!

Leading the way is “Clothes Off”, a clever dubby track with tiny sprinkles from the Jermaine Stewart classic of same title; sure to see much rotation in your favorite DJ’s set. Picking up the tempo a bit (131BPM) is “Four Files Deep”, complete with a fast-forward percussive groove, nice keys, and a “Feelin’ Alright” chant that will command your emotions to do just that! Not in the mood for small talk? Move on over to the instrumental groove “It Never Hurts To Say Hi”… Driven by a synthetic 303-ish baseline, this one is vintage-futuristic (IMO) but infectious in a good way. “Network Plugin” isn’t a fave choice of mine; I had to wait almost a full 60 secs for this track to get going, so it killed my initial anticipation. However, once it got going, it grabbed my interest again. Cool for the dancefloor I guess… Rounding out the 5-cut EP is “Sprung Clocktower”, which defies gentrification: it’s a mesh of Dance/Pop/Electro/Techno/Dub, etc. Puts me in the mindset of a Taylor Swift dub (???) over a very trippy groove… Like I said, I don’t smoke 🙂 [ – DJ Lil John / December 2010 – ]


Available: online at juno download and iTunes.