Whatever your style of House, there’s a version of deepness in here that you need to share with the masses. My top picks:

Bazil’s Vox Dub is sweet and lounge-y, with a sporadic sax line that makes your ears go “heyyyyy” before you notice the low driving bassline moving everything along perfectly.

Bazil’s Vox Mix is quite similar but includes some higher-pitched effects goin’ on as an added attraction.

Clearly, Diviniti’s purpose in life is to warm these seven remixes and the original version like an oven heating up a cinnamon bun all the way to total gooey goodness. Even when the vocals drop out, your listeners will fall into the quick hop-step of a double-time thumpity thump that really makes this track pop. In the Bittersuite Dubstrumental and Bittersuite Remix, that thumpity thump comes across more like a drum stick tapped on the metal edge of a snare – same beat, different sound. The Original Mix sports a blurry version of that thump that sounds like someone humming on wax paper, amplified x 20. Unless you’re paying super-close attention it might be hard to pick out major differences between some of the eight versions of this track. But that’s okay, you won’t go wrong no matter which you choose. However, the Deepsystems Dub, plus Matthew Bandy’s Vocal Mix and Limestone Dub are more intense, leaning toward the progressive side.

Available: Online from Juno Download.