Kai Alcé moves easily from deep to soulful house, sometimes in the same track. That’s certainly the case for his gorgeous remix of “Let Go,” forthcoming on Wrong Notes. Vocalist Angel-A (aka Angela Tarrant, who last I heard lived in Chicago) last featured here on Vick Lavender’s “Cosmic Love” from Wrong Notes; she’s probably known best in the underground for a group of records with Doc Link and E-Man, “Lifts Me Higher” and “Songs Of My Life.” Her voice has a sweetness to it that can’t be beat, and Kai seems to have a damn good time isolating some of her vocal pyrotechnics for his Distinctive Mix.

The B-side features two mixes from Reekee, the first a chunky, earthy version with virtuoso work on the trumpet by Francesco Fratini.

Angel-A: Let Go (Kai Alcé & Reekee Mixes) / Wrong Notes (April 2020/12″ vinyl)
A1. Angel-A: “Let Go” (Kai Alce DISTINCTIVE mix) (9:11)
B1. Angel-A: “Let Go” (feat Francesco Fratini – Reekee Trumpet mix) (7:41)
B2. Angel-A: “Let Go” (Reekee alternate version) (6:20)



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