Anhanguera ft Alex D’Olivera: Mrs Don’t The 2011 Remixes

You can’t hold me back. I became a DJ. This is Anhanguera’s big comeback in the face of a controlling ex, fresh with remixes from Sneak, Busy from Real Time Hand Motion, Luca Marano and Gramophonedzie. The lyrics are very cheeky, which I kind of expect from a pair of Brazilian producers. But really, boys? “I became a DJ” is the best you got? Ahhh… don’t listen to me, I’m cynical as hell. But the hotness – it abounds on this release.

Busy brings the hot disco piano flavor with an effect on the vocal giving it that Speak & Spell effect. All the different bass elements in this remix are what I love the most. You’ve got a frog ribbit bassline throughout, the bass from the piano and then sometimes a little standup action too. Pick of the bunch for me.

Sneak has definitely done his thing. Swirling boompty bass, hot filter action, crashing cymbals all blend together to create some high energy boyyyyyyyy. I cannot wait to mix back and forth into this one. I gotta say I’m kind of picky when it comes to Sneak but this does it for me.

Luca brings the slow dark ominous sound forth. At this point I’m kind of floored at how the lyrics come off a differently in each remix. Busy was upbeat fun. Sneak was a big booming “I WILL BE HEARD” feeling. When Luca pitches the main tag line F*** that b***** – it sends chills up my spine.

I love Gramaphonedzie so it pains me to say his was my least favorite. Maybe it’s because it’s hard to top yourself sometimes. It is fun and it does bump but it comes off a little mindless to me. No seriously – I can imagine myself acting like a complete moron flailing my arms around while dancing to it.

This song is funny as hell, I’ll admit it. The original is included to round out the entire package while Maracuja continues to pump out bangin’ dancefloor destroyers.