Ansome: Stowaway Remixed

O/V/R, Perc, Randomer and Ossian remix Ansome's Stowaway from Perc Trax.

You know when someone sends you a link to a video and they warn you to TURN YOUR SPEAKERS DOWN? This is the opposite of that. “Snake Eyes” as remixed by O/V/R demands to be played on the loudest possible setting every single time.

The O/V/R mix is just one of three fierce beatdowns administered via stems, parts and parcels of Ansome’s Stowaway album, out on vinyl right now. The original of “Snake Eyes” had a certain organic rhythm to it, which is forcibly disemboweled and put together in an electrifying new matrix by O/V/R’s Regis and James Raskin. Perc’s remix of “Bad Blood” is stripped down like a juke joint, wound tight until blowing off its excess energy in an eruption of steam. Randomer’s remix of “Back Alley Sally” is dubbed out techno as vivid and textured as any ambient composition. I don’t know how you like your music but you’ll certainly find something you like here. There’s a digital-only exclusive of “Blackwater” with a mix by Ossian that brings to mind Mike Dearborn’s still tragically underrated Majesty. It’s due for a comeback and this fuzzy acid OD would be right at home there.