A clear departure from Anthony Nicholson’s usual sound – further than most producers are willing to go when they’re in a cliquey in-crowd like Chicago’s Deep House scene. Anthony Nicholson has released this double EP of twitchy, synth-driven dance that owes much to House Music’s Italo, New Wave and Krautrock roots and I’m wondering why more don’t go down this path. “Darkwave Disko” (possibly inspired by the Chicago party?) leaps out to a Moroderesque gallop before falling into a thicket of dreamy and sickly sweet chords. Could easily be cut with a vocal and stripped down to the bare bones and no one would blush if this were presented as an unearthed Italo classic from the Summer of ’82. “Chill Out Girls” is where Anthony Nicholson gets creative: a Deep House producer that knows his way around a keyboard and studio console making a breathy, airy chunk of synth boogie. I’m scoring this one really high in terms of my Bandcamp finds; I wish more producers used Bandcamp this way.

Anthony Nicholson: Night-clubb-ing (Miquifaye Music)
1. Anthony Nicholson: Darkwave Disko (07:16)
2. Anthony Nicholson: Chill Out Girls (07:49)

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