Apparel Story Part One

Apparel Story Part One is among the precious few label compilations that advance the story and are worth your time.

Lots of these type of compilations come and go. To be honest, they mostly go. They squeeze a few gigs or a few bucks or a few blogs or tweets out of the dance music hivemind and that’s it. To really fill a need, they either have to present in-demand music in a format people desire (in the case of a label like FXHE, a digital release; for everyone else, vinyl or vinyl represses for expensive records) or at least advance the story. Who are you? What have you done? What do you aspire to? Fame and recognition are rotten reasons to do anything, but I think that explains a fair amount of press that makes its way across these channels.

Apparel Story is the first in a series that as the name implies does want to do just that – to advance the story. There are some nice records on here, ranging on the soulful side of deep house but most of which could be played by DJs in either camp. Highlights are records from Kisk, Tuccillo’s smooth-as-butter-on-a-burn “Jazzy Caravan” (with an inside-out hook that should be in a textbook for left field sampling) and Delano Smith’s veritably timeless “Lost in Detroit.”

Apparel Story Part One (Apparel Music)
1. Sarp Yilmaz – Don’t Leave Me This Way (04:39)
2. Delano Smith – Lost In Detroit (06:45)
3. Kisk – Friends (05:45)
4. Roy Gilles – Turn Dis Up (Rio Padice Dream’n Space Mix) (06:12)
5. SCSI-9 – Summariata (Pablo Bolivar Remix) (06:38)
6. SCSI-9 – Splash Forward (Ekkohaus Remix) (06:31)
7. Tuccillo – Jazzy Caravan feat Oneboy (07:53)
8. Echonomist – Midnight Talks (07:15)
9. Ivano Tetelepta, Roger Gerressen, Time, – Time (06:40)
10. Modulearth – Broken Memories (Moony Me’s ‘Morning Sunrise’ Remix) (05:51)
11. Kisk, Stefano Esposito – Funkin On (06:01)
12. Baraso – Troubled Train (07:13)



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