archivist chutes and ladders

Medical Records and the Transfusions sublabel (clever!) has one of the coolest back catalogs of any active label. I first came across them some years ago when they reissued some classic cuts from Alexander Robotnick, I believe for Record Store Day, and a year ago dropped a 12″ from The Analog Session, Robotnick’s collaboration with Ludus Pinsky.

Between that first archival release and this one (from Archivist), Medical has released synth pop, disco and now this EP of dark, minimal Techno. The title track from Archivist’s Chutes & Ladders could easily double as a DJ tool, if that wasn’t the original intent. “Language” is the stand-out cut: mental as fuck, building in intensity like a solid set-leveler from Robert Hood. The common strand here are the drums: building in intensity throughout they make each of the four cuts into pounding dancefloor workhorses.

Archivist: Chutes & Ladders (Transfusions)
1. Archivist: Chutes And Ladders (06:14)
2. Archivist: Language (06:17)
3. Archivist: Octopus (05:47)
4. Archivist: Polygony (06:37)

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