You can’t go wrong with this double disc set. On Disc One you’ll find most of their dance music classics, including hard to find original 12″ mixes of “Don’t Cost You Nothing,” “Found A Cure” “Love Don’t Make It Right” and “It Seems to Hang On” to name a few.

If that’s not enough, the party continues with Disc Two which features some stunning remixes. Johnny DeMairo did an excellent job of assembling a stellar group of talent who in his words were “motivated not by money but by their admiration for Ashford & Simpson’s musical genius…” Tom Moulton’s masterful treatment of “Found A Cure” begins with a lengthy intro and exciting dropouts that build into lush instrumentation. There are also portions of the session that we’ve never heard before ≠ just the sort of clever attention to detail we appreciate and come to expect from someone of Moulton’s caliber.

Tommy Musto scores with his “Retouch” mix of “It Seems to Hang On”. A smooth, unassuming intro, leading into subtle musical drops here, vocal reverbs there ≠ impeccably arranged. Joe Claussell conducts a robust interpretation of “Bourgie Bourgie”. This gem is heavy on percussion, and laced with surprising breakdowns and extra finesse that build into the sort of musical frenzy that you live for when Claussell plays a DJ set ≠ you’ll love it! Dimitri From Paris serves up a meatier version of “Stay Free” on his “Missing Mix” with a slightly heavier foot, handclaps and a different slant on the vocal arrangement. Oh, did I mention the bassline-driven break, extra piano and the accapella track exit that leaves you hungry for more?! I wouldn’t be surprised if Dimitri has a longer version stashed to pepper his DJ appearances; either way, he didn’t hold back creatively! The Simphouse/M&M mix of “Tried, Tested and Found True” shines in it’s own way as well.

Review by Elbert Phillips.