Audio Soul Project ft. Ron Carroll: Call of Grace

Tracks from Audio Soul Project are like a fine wine: I bring them out when I know they’ll be appreciated and the mood is right. This three track release Call of Grace is smooth, funky, lively, and relaxed all at the same time – very characteristic of the Audio Soul style. The original mix is my pick, with excellent vocals to complement the wide and complex array of drums, hats, and synths used. The harmony of the cut makes this a very pleasant listening experience whether on the dance floor or in your headphones. The MANIK remix slows it down to the 118 bpm range and turns this into a low-key mid-tempo piece. The rolling synths are much more subdued, as are the vocals. I can see this being used in a set to really slow down the pace or scale the energy back to an appropriate level. Milton Jackson brings back the speed of the original and adds his dark techy vibe to the track, introducing some new sounds and alternate vocals. It makes for a bouncier cut and runs a close second to the original for me. Think of this one as a fine mixed drink instead of a wine – just a bit heavier with more of a kick, but still goes down smooth.

Review by D-VO