Audio Soul Project: Have It All (Remixes)

I really enjoyed reviewing this EP. It’s simple, and doesn’t take itself too seriously. The bootleg version has it’s own swagger with catchy vocals, a beat that incites a bounce in both your hips AND your shoulders and, most importantly, a point: to make you wiggle. That’s #1 reason it found its way into my sets too, I might add (my neck hasn’t stopped swinging once, and I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve already got the hang of the vocals sussing themselves through the track.) Fred Everything adds his signature to the EP with two dubby remixes that I’m sure you’ll be hearing at almost all the end-of-summer day parties in your city (for those of you that didn’t cop the pre-boogie-promo passed out earlier this year, who cares! The EP is hot – play it!) All in all, let’s just say that the end result is so nice I’m going to put down the ducats when it’s released and buy my own copy.

Released September 9, 2011 and available digitally from Juno Download

Review by Sista Stroke