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I’ve covered a number of comeback albums and songs for 5 Mag over the years, but none of them had a story behind their hiatus like aus.

aus is the alias of Yasuhiko Fukuzono, a Japanese electronic music artist who released a number of albums and singles starting in the mid-’00s, as well as running the exceptionally well-regarded FLAU music label. In 2017, it seems, the label was the victim of theft — not in the sense of someone copping their tracks or copying the songs in their catalog, but an actual break-in of their office. The culprit wasn’t a random burglar. It was a rival Japanese musician. Apparently the same musician then came back again a few weeks later to finish the job, grabbed some more loot and ransacked the place to boot. “Burglary” is usually not mentioned when artists talk frankly about why they gave up on the music industry but if some asshole kept fucking with me like this I might learn how to hang drywall or start delivering for DoorDash too.

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aus’ persistence is our gain as “Until Then” marks his return with an adventurous single bursting with bright light. Opening with a flood of overwrought strings, “Until Then” breaks down with a steady, bouncy and addictive gait. Best known in the past for works that blended together ambient, breakbeats and heady electronica, aus actually strikes an upbeat, optimistic tone here, which in light of what’s gone down with him and his label is a pretty amazing thing.

Seb Wildblood was recruited for a remix (this is “co-released” on his “all my thoughts” label) and he lifts the ceiling up with an acid-infused but extremely melodic techno howler that’s primed for dancing.

aus: Until Then (FLAU x all my thoughts / 10″ vinyl + digital/ January 2023)
A. aus: “Until Then” (5:01)
B. aus: “Until Then” (Seb Wildblood remix) (6:27)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was submitted as a promo.


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