Autodeep: Colourful Loving EP

I don’t travel much into this realm of vocal-infused deep and dramatic House Music, but every once in awhile I like to walk across the street without looking both ways first. This time I ran across the street and tripped over this release on the way nearly getting smashed by a semi with a truck bed full of horrible promos. Autodeep, a duo hailing from Hanover, Germany nicely held the door open for me as I stepped into the warm and cozy dwelling of the deep vocal House. Their new EP on Urban Torque entitled Colourful Loving is an overwhelmingly welcoming sound. (Say that ten times fast.) I pretty much dove head first into the EP without a bathing suit on and the experience wasn’t as frightening as I thought it would be.

The title track welcomes the listener with lush reverberating stabs and melancholy licks. As the beat is introduced, the track elevates to the surface where the vocal treads and spreads soul like a lily flowering. The Rhodes chords pick up the pace while the bass line remains constant like a lighthouse beacon guiding you home. This is an amazing production as each piece of it lends to the next, creating a very concise flow.

The Daniel Solar & Andi De Luxe remix steps out of the water with moving beats that just step. The tune remains in the minor key keeping that deep and moody element, but the bass line is driving on the yellow lines keeping eyes wide and on the road. The vocal jumps in and keeps the mood moving, making this mix a dance floor motivator. The final cut, “Soul Remote”, is another smooth vocal ride over a stellar deep funk groove with production breaks that spell out the word stomp letter by letter, beat by beat. Again, the production quality is top notch, creating a nonstop flow which is the push that I require in solid dance music. So as I walk back across the street to my side of town, I feel quite happy to be home, but also musically refreshed.

Review by: Frankie J

Available: Released August 29 2011 and available digitally from Juno Download.