There are producers who still carry the torch for Midwest Techno — a style that goes way beyond the physical location of the region where a record was made. Fixed Rhythms is bringing the records of these producers to light. On Dialectic, Minneapolis Midwest Techno OG Autokinetic drops four tracks that they say have been “secret weapons in DVS1 sets for the past couple years.” I find that easy to believe — DVS1 is known for his secret weapons, and all four tracks on Dialectic are solid enough to have earned a place in his arsenal.

“Sidewinder” leads it off with an appropriately serpentine, appropriately kinetic calisthenic workout. “Didgeradont” takes on a more sinister approach, particularly with a John Carpenter-style effect that keeps fading in and out, like you’re approaching and turning the same treacherous corner over and over again. It’s sleek but incredibly unnerving but not so creepy that you miss that steely percussion hammering on your synapses. Incredible stuff.

The b-side “Wakeword” switches it up abruptly. All these tracks are mental as fuck but “Wakeword” goes deeper — clanky percussion, crazy 303 patterns and riffs that sound like a compiler mumbling to itself. Autokinetic’s tracks don’t end so much as they die — they unwind in a manner that almost demands the DJ play them to the last gasp lest they lose some of their power.

⚪️ TITLEXXX Tracklisting

Autokinetic: Dialectic (Fixed Rhythms / 12" Vinyl + Digital)
1. Sidewinder (07:39)
2. Didgeradont (06:21)
3. File003 (07:43)
4. Wakeword (06:48)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement

This record was submitted as a promo.

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