B. Original and Damir Pushkar ft J.A.M.O.N.: Call Me/Hot

Muzik 4 Tomorrow is a new sister label of Sole Channel music. Enough said right? I think I can say a bit more. B. Original and Damir Pushkar at the helm, my fellow Austinite J.A.M.O.N. slangin’ rhymes and melodies, and remixes from Kenny Dope, Mr. V and Reelsoul. You CANNOT go wrong.

“Call Me” is really really catchy. I find myself singing it around the house, but the problem is I have a one year old who’s becoming quite the little parrot. Quotable phrases like “Call me, if you want to, get nasty, I can take you, down there…” are a good thing in making the track memorable, but a bad thing if you don’t want a little girl repeating them around strangers. It’s much cuter if you can get them to sing “What it do? What it is? What time is it?” instead.

The original mix is very clubby – and dare I say even trancey in certain places? Kenny’s O’Gutta Main Mix features big drums and slow builds as far as the different changes go and is pure fire all around. The added percussion is a little loose which can make it a challenge to mix but it’s do-able. I LOVE Reelsoul’s take on this one. Straight uplifting deep house with a killer change in the middle.

The original mix of “Hot” is another big club number. On first listen it took me a minute to get used to the lyrics not looping all the way around, but stopping 4 measures short of coming full circle. What’s funny is listening to Mr. V’s mix and him filling in that gap with some effects on the last words spoken. I think Mr. V’s mix could be a great set opener to get the party bouncing. There are some great elements in the wild organ and the electric guitar.

The entire package provides you tons of tools to really flex your muscle from bonus beats, grooves, instrumentals and so on. Keep an eye out for more Muzik 4 Tomorrow. The future is looking VERY bright.