Gnarly 8 bit analog fuzz tamed into a wild groove, “Gymnastics” is the highlight and title track of the new EP from Turn it Down’s Matthias Speck under his Back For Good alias. Some synth lines bubble, some come in waves, but the riff on “Gymnastics” is like some kind of undomesticated beast throwing itself against the walls of its cage. Hemmed in by a precise pattern, the energy is so intense it feels like a machine that’s always on the verge of breaking down but never does.

The 808s erupt on Betonkust’s remix, which frankly sounds like an entirely new track. The latter is probably more flexible in DJ sets. “Wasted” caps off an EP of searing analog beats with a groove that sounds like a sampler caught a circuitboard in the process of melting down.


Back For Good: Gymnastics (Turn it Down Music)
1. Back For Good: Gymastics
2. Back For Good: Gymastics (Betonkust Remix)
3. Back For Good: Wasted



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