Backseat Bingo – Formula

This is an awesome cut up by the Texas duo Backseat Bingo. The original mix is impossibly funky and perfect for that transcendental moment when people can’t help but to throw their hands in the air. Some DJs need a full set to take you on a journey, but this funky track does it all in one spin. The beats here are what are most impressive: by turns clean and dirty and showing a total understanding of how to move a dancefloor. This is really what using samples should be about: about four of them are layered together to create a whole new unique sound.

Three remixes of “Formula” are out there. The first, by Kevin Ford, starts out a lot harder, but if you never scan beyond the first 30 seconds you’re going to miss another awesome ride: hard house turned inside out, funky and without any compromise. The notorious Shifty Johnson’s mix is more faithful to the original but, if anything, still more jazzy. Finally, the Techsoul 101 remix goes into (you guessed it) tech-house territory. This is a fantastic package of remixes of a really unique and powerful single. I wasn’t familiar with Backseat Bingo before but I’ll be sure to check out their other stuff after getting my ears cleaned by this stomper.