Bah Samba: Have You Got Your Boots On?

These three remixes are solid and you can’t go wrong whether you choose just one or all of them. The spoken vocals are delightfully high pitched: “Have you got your bootz on?” “Is it too late to party?” “Ya gonna keep your pants on?” All three, remixed by a variety of old and new artists, have some lovely hand claps and the chorus flies smoothly over the top of the strings. These remixes of an old Bah Samba tune are totally appealing whether or not you’re familiar with the original from more than five years ago.

Of course, my top pick is the DJ Meme Reconstruction Mix because it’s the most upbeat and has an earthy, funky feel that moves into a full-on Disco dance vibe, complete with sharp horn stabs and riffs. But let’s not forget JKriv’s Brooklyn Boogie Mix nor the Steve Luxe Retro Electro Mix. JKriv brings a slower BPM, hovering perhaps around 120, and a solid steady bass line that is totally and completely groovy. The Luxe mix tones it down a bit, putting a lounge-ier groove out there. This one has the same bits of delightful vocals and chorus, with a mild electro/synth feel; it’s great for the last set of the night or a memorable track for the end of a mix.

Review by Lydia Wrobel