What a lovely listen this is. BarbWalters invites us to a wonderful spread of Future Funk, a feast that could have only been cooked up by someone with a devotional love for Daft Punk and the more continental music that inspired them. That’s what I hear, at least, in the seams between the cuts and edits that make up Reconnect’s eight, brief tracks. The level of detail here is extraordinary – whole new grooves are erected from fragments, voices that stutter, basslines that flicker and contract and expand.

BarbWalters: Reconnect (Business Casual)
1. BarbWalters: My Eyes (03:04)
2. BarbWalters: Exposé (ft. Unibe@t) (03:57)
3. BarbWalters: I Don’t Need Love (03:26)
4. BarbWalters: Le Barb Club (03:14)
5. BarbWalters: Smile! (ft. Binary Stars) (03:35)
6. BarbWalters: Lot To Learn (03:00)
7. BarbWalters: Clouds (02:08)
8. BarbWalters: Hudson Outro (01:38)


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