With Robert Hood focusing more on the technogospel of Floorplan the last few years, someone had to pick up the slack. “Nks” by Basic Frame starts off like he threw a pipebomb: in media res and with a fury that he (or she or them) sustains throughout all three tracks of the Manual Screening EP. More explosive imagery comes to mind with the intergalactic computer funk of “Age” and the extremely Robert Hood-like “Ing.”

One learns very little about music from onesheets, unless you think there’s something to be gained by knowing that Track A is “fiya” or that every record in the world has been dl’ed for r. hawtin. Having skipped this one, I questioned if Basic Frame was Robert Hood protege, or even an alias. Apparently not: it’s Davide Nannini and Alessio Mascia (see? Information! More of that in promotional materials, please!) – apparently two youngish guys who previously released on Black Brook. But the question is at least as important as the answer – if this really had been something Robert Hood threw together, it would still do him justice.

Out now on Traxsource.