Chicago DJ, producer and impresario Tim Zawada and Ben Van Dyke have teamed up for an intriguing new label.

“Star Creature” has released three records, the last two of which dropped this week and will be celebrated at a release party this Thursday June 11 at Gramaphone Records in Chicago.

“Sweat the Detail” from Bell Boys is one I’ve had bookmarked in Bandcamp for several months now. The 7″ features an eclectic blend of ’80s electro vibes, slow jams and crystalline keys – almost like what space age bachelor pad music might sound like if anyone cracked the time capsule and made it with electronic sensibilities.

Also from Star Creature comes a new collection called the “Tugboat Editions” tooled on black wax at 45rpm. Throwback Zack’s “G.Spot/Messages” flows slow and majestic with a vocoder pleading for a little help in finding his way around in the dark. “Messages” is cosmic funky bliss – like Cameo passed through Rick James.

Both records are available at Gramaphone (Bell Boys here), where the Bell Boys and Star Creature will be holding a release party on Thursday June 11. Details here.