Tonina delivers perhaps the most beautiful vocal of the year on Bergsonist’s “Womankind’s Beauty”

The 4 track EP is out from Hypercolour...

Possibly the most beautiful vocal I’ve heard this year comes on “Womankind’s Beauty.” The title track of Bersonist’s forthcoming EP on Hypercolour features — no, that’s not right, it doesn’t “feature” so much as it deifies — Tonina. Against a sparse background of minimal beats, moody synths and quiet, meditative instrumentation, Tonina weaves arabesques of melodies in a virtuoso performance worthy of Grammy representation. I don’t know if this happened in candlelit studio or a more prosaic setting, but the overall effect is spellbinding — a modern answer to the melisma of monastic chant and devotionals and music touched by the hand of God, however you understand that.

Bergsonist featuring Tonina: Womankind’s Beauty / Hypercolour (June 19 2020)
1. Bergsonist: Womankind’s Beauty feat. Tonina (06:31)
2. Bergsonist: Take It Slo (04:32)
3. Bergsonist: Global Warning (04:40)
4. Bergsonist: Killed By Aids (05:22)



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