Bernard Badie ft. Dajae: Truth Hurts (2010 Remixes)

WOW! This offering could very well contend as one of the BEST remix projects this year!! And it couldn’t have been done without the collaborative efforts from both the UK and the Midwest. Smooth Agent Records presents the 2010 remixes of “Truth Hurts”, starring none other than the lovely and legendary Dajae. If the original 2008 offering was a favorite of yours, then you’ll thoroughly enjoy this ear candy collection of remixes!

Leading off with our UK guests, I’ll begin with the smooth and sultry remix from Jonny Montana & Craig Stewart. If I had to choose a fave, it would be this one, with its lounged House style and a hint of Bossa Nova in the rhythm department. Trust me: it leaves a lasting first impression! Need a mix with more “get up and groove” in it? Turn your speakers up and push play on the Pete Dafeet remix, with such a groovy dub style that would make Green Velvet himself dance into a frenzy!

Coming back to the Midwest, we’ll stop by Detroit to take a listen to Aaron-Carl’s vocal remix: a straight-laced 4×4 rhythm in traditional Dajae fashion, more soulful than you may expect from D-Town, yet retains that signature Aaron-Carl style. I’m digging the “auto-tune” overdubs on Dajae’s voice!

Lastly, we bring it back home to Chi-Town, beginning with the label CEO himself Sean Smith. This time around, Mr. Smith gets you hyped up for the annual Miami music conference with his Latin Club Vocal Remix. This one has Ocean Drive written all over it, and should do very well worldwide. Also in a similar vein is the MCM (Monte Carlo Method) remix, more like a softer “reprise”, winding you down from the whole South Beach week of 24/7 partying. And just in case you’re not doing Miami in March, Tony Kasper will keep you grooving here at home with his two Tech-House remixes. No singing along in either mixes, and should see lots of action in every big room club from Belmont to North Avenue.

Review by DJ Lil John