The Best of Lumberjacks In Hell

Though probably meant to keep the vinyl circulating, this is another superb retrospective from the best Chicago dance music label not actually based in Chicago.

I think I’ve written about most of these, some in the context of calling Lumberjacks In Hell “the best Chicago dance music label not based in Chicago.” I’m feeling a touch of anxiety to see if two or three years later I still stand by that.

I regret nothing. While this collection of underground beatdowns is probably intended for DJs to get their hands on some of Lumberjacks‘ sold-out wax from the past, it’s still a welcome introduction to the Dutch label that has given so many Chicago artists a huge amount of exposure in the proper circles. It’s also nice to see a label that treats their back catalog as something to be cherished and respected, rather than exploited on a bunch of cheesy Defected compilations to squeeze out a couple of bucks.

Pirahnahead’s “Inner Turmoil” joins the long list of House Music songs with seemingly bleak titles belied by an upbeat bounce. If you play soulful and you don’t have this record in your bag, there’s something wrong here. Hugo H’s “Chante vs. James” is still the same thrilling adventure it was when it first came out, as is Boogie Nite’s “Do Yo Thang,” which closes out the encore EP with a rousing ’60s soul revival.

Forthcoming from Juno.


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