If you have any braincells left at the end of this, you didn’t play it loud enough. Black Cadmium are working with a wild and colorful palette of influences on their dope techno EP Muted Chaos, and it flashes just about everything you could want from a slab of wax. The Rotterdam duo are working with second hand Detroit DNA and they’re building a monster.

“Muted Chaos,” the title track, is the kind of high energy minimalist fuckfest that could have fit between tracks 3 and 4 on one of +8 Records’ legendary From Our Minds To Yours comps. In fact, when I heard a certain 303 effect (you’ll know the one), I was suspicious it might have actually been a throwback track under a new alias from a +8 artist from Rotterdam, Jochem Paap aka Speedy J. That doesn’t seem to be the case at all – some furious googling suggests Black Cadmium are Joey Macnack and Mike Richards, “two Dutch DJ/producers from Surinamese descent.” They got me, because this looks like it’s one of their first records and it’s scorching.

“Get That Booty” is another seriously badass track with a lean electro groove that calls back to AUX 88, Model 500 and (more likely) their modern descendants. The flipside goes deeper with the cosmic industrial jazz of “Melancholy” and the serpentine and muted groove “Stairway.” This is the core of a phenomenal career, coming at you right up front.

Black Cadmium: Muted Chaos EP / Vault Wax (February 24 2020/12″ vinyl)
A1. Black Cadmium: “Muted Chaos” (6:27)
A2. Black Cadmium: “Get That Booty” (6:19)
B1. Black Cadmium: “Melancholy” (7:05)
B2. Black Cadmium: “Stairway” (6:49)



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