Black Coffee – “Turn Me On”/”Come To Me”

I received this track in Miami from Mr. Black Coffee himself. I already knew of Mr. Coffee through his hit “Even Though” on Real Tone, but what I didn’t know is that this man is one of South Africa’s biggest House music DJ/producer superstars. Because most of his music is released on South African labels, his productions can be a little harder to come by than music released through regular channels.

But it’s worth the effort, because his music is definitely all that. The song “Turn Me On” is a sublime deep House song with dark chords but a very bright vocal. The groove is driving and the percussion keeps everything firmly in place. You get the sense of dark and light through the song. Reading this, it might sound like a contrast, but it’s pulled off extremely well.

“Come To Me” is more on a tech House tip but the soul is definitely still there. This instrumental track is driving, with funky percussion that moves the groove along. The package is worth it alone for “Turn Me On”, but “Come To Me” just makes the overall return even better, as both tracks are strong in their own right.

Black Coffee’s material is well worth checking out. I strongly encourage all House Music lovers to check out his other productions as well as those by other Africans. Their scene is huge and this is just one example of the talent coming from that continent.

Review by Sean Smith