Slung low by the tsunami of tech house tracks and deep house tracks that have the depth and soul of a toasted bagel, I do what anyone in this business should do when they need to save themselves from a cold world: I go to the record store. And I find records like this that I’ll probably never be cool enough to get on promo and – isn’t it funny how this works? – would probably appreciate much less if I did.

Evolutions is a record of marvels, of euphoric jazz and chords that plumb the depths of the human soul. “Essential Paradise” is the lead and brandishes an appropriate title: bangin’ percussion backs up virtuoso keys from Slikk Tim. Close your eyes and this will take you there. “Mystery of Fantasy” is a clean sweep of chords across a gothic landscape; Mr. G on the remix makes it lively, makes it bang like a Robert Armani classic on Dance Mania.

Perpetual Sound is the successor to Fred P‘s Soul People Music and launches with an absolute classic. It seemed to get out on digital ahead of the vinyl from which I can surmise by the stack is in great demand and limited supply.

Black Jazz Consortium: Evolutions EP / Perpetual Sound
A1. Black Jazz Consortium: “Essential Paradise” (feat Slikk Tim – Fred P Reshape) (6:57)
A2. Black Jazz Consortium: “Mystery Of Fantasy” (reprise) (2:34)
B1. Black Jazz Consortium: “Mystery Of Fantasy” (G Fantasy mix) (8:06)
B2. Black Jazz Consortium: “120 Black Key Experiment” (Continuation interlude) (2:48)



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