Black Motion featuring Xoli: Set Me Free

Black Motion was formed about five years ago as DJ Murder (aka Robert… Let’s stick with that!) joined forces with Smol (aka Thabo). Well they set me on fire with “Set Me Free” in late ’11 and I guess they did the same for everyone because three very respected remixers have done their duty on this remix package that you need to have! Back to the Original Mix first – with South Africa all over it, the silky smooth groove is pure musical beauty and is a true example of Xoli’s passionate vocal stylings. That Afro feel continues with a funkier take in Ezel’s Remix. Using some sick guitar stabs, tons of cowbells, and a rollicking pace, it is bound to be on my Ezel “short list” (along with 2010 hit “In My Lifetime”). The Bang the Drum Mix has great uptempo energy and is synthfully soulful in a way that really highlights the beauty of Xoli’s voice. Once again, the MKTL duo hit it squarely with their Master Kev & Tony Loreto Remix. Definitely bigger, fuller and more assertive, their mix leads with Xoli, and the solid “four-on-the-floor” rhythm then surprises with a wonderful piano solo that continues to ride along with you as you try, unsuccessful, to set yourself free from the dance floor. Did you really want to be set free…? Not if it means doing it without Black Motion & Xoli