There is so much good music coming out of Detroit and the Midwest as a whole, and nobody’s vision of a simple, single-genre sound really encapsulates the big, beautiful mess it all is. Detroit’s Rocksteady Disco represents one of those frayed ends and pushes Blair French’s glittering, funky 2017 release “Standing Still Is An Illusion” through the shredder.

What comes out is wonderfully weird and delightfully disconnected remixes courtesy of Aroop Roy, Topher Horn and Bamboozle (aka Eli from Soul Clap). Topher Horn’s remix is stripped down to the bassline and built back up from the remnants, like Joe Claussell making music out of a Rube Goldberg machine. Aroop Roy’s is epic in scope, intentionally so, while Eli from Soul Clap releases his first remix as alter ego “Bamboozle” with a phased out odyssey of electronic jazz.

There’s an overabundance of competent soulful records out at any given time but only a handful can really be called “Must Haves.” This is one.

Blair French: Standing Still Is An Illusion Remixes / Rocksteady Disco

1. Blair French: Standing Still Is An Illusion (Bamboozle aka Eli Soul Clap Remix) (07:32)
2. Blair French: Standing Still Is An Illusion (Aroop Roy Remix) (07:11)
3. Blair French: Standing Still Is An Illusion (Topher Horn Remix) (06:48)



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