Four313 is a project I promised to keep an eye on, and it’s manifesting itself in whole new forms. Four313 first appeared earlier this year as the titular name for a group of first generation Detroit Techno legends – namely Blake Baxter, Santonio, Eddie Fowlkes and Thomas Barnett. This is a pretty intriguing mix of characters – the underrated, the uncontested, the unchallenged… Two of them (Santonio and Barnett) are actually hitting their stride now, based on their recent releases.

After the first Four313 EP comes this second one, with a slimmed line-up of Baxter and Barnett on a split release. Baxter has side 1 with his signature spoken word delivery over primary electronics on “Agape,” followed by the noisy, aggressive “Let’s Get It Started.” “Agape” is psychically in tune with “Mandela Effect,” Thomas Barnett’s lead in on Side 2 and my favorite track on the EP. This is the most interesting collaborative project going right now.

Blake Baxter & Thomas Barnett: Four313 EP (Mix/Visillusion)
A1. Blake Baxter: “Agape” (6:44)
A2. Blake Baxter: “Let’s Get It Started” (5:50)
B1. Thomas Barnett: “Mandela Effect” (Groove Slave mix) (6:04)
B2. Thomas Barnett: “Magnetofunk” (6:05)



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